When seeking alternative and complementary therapy, it is essential to find a practitioner who not only listens to your story and understand your health problems but also able to help you achieve wellness. 

There is more to each person than their disease or symptom afflictions and by taking a holistic approach, treatment is geared towards the needs of the individual.  Physical, emotional and mental stresses, eating on the run, chronic dieting, poor bowel and gut function, body pains, food intolerances and more can eventual lead to chronic conditions.  These can be safely addressed through the type of treatment which combines multiple disciplines. 

Prettyhealthy.co.uk provides information on practitioner Gulshan Noorani and her practice of Chinese Medicine Acupuncture (can include cupping and Tuina massage), Herbal Medicine and both Western and Chinese Medicine Nutritional therapy.  There are many reasons to seek this type of help such as acute or chronic pain, autoimmune syndromes, stress, depression, anxiety, skin disorders (i.e. eczema, acne, psoriasis), Bell's Palsy, allergic rhinitis (nasal congestion, hay fever), menopausal symptoms, menstrual disorders, infertility, maternity support and much more.  


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