Pretty Healthy is the domain of practitioner Gulshan Noorani - she is a qualified acupuncturist, nutritional therapist and Traditional Chinese herbal medicine practitioner. 

Gulshan practices holistic medicine and with her understanding of pathology and health issues, she uses her knowledge of both Eastern and Western medicine, various acupuncture styles and methods (including cupping, tui na massage and gua sha) along with nutrition and herbs to treat her patients.  By identifying and addressing the root causes of symptoms and health issues, she is able to help patients through the healing process and support health maintenance.   In her practice, she works hard to promote wellbeing and re-establish harmony to body, mind and spirit.  

There are many reasons to seek this type of help such as acute or chronic pain, autoimmune syndromes, stress, depression, anxiety, skin disorders (i.e. eczema, acne, psoriasis), Bell's Palsy, allergic rhinitis (nasal congestion, hay fever), menopausal symptoms, menstrual disorders, infertility, maternity support and much more.  Although Gulshan's expertise lies in treating any kind of pain, chronic health conditions and diseases, her treatment protocols often supports the balancing of organs and metabolic systems and therefore benefits all kinds of health issues. 

what to expect?

It does happen that some people respond and heal very quickly with very few treatments.  But for most of us, the body needs time to respond and heal and depending on the nature of the health condition (chronic, long-term duration (i.e. 6 weeks plus), age of patient and other co-factors), one may need several treatments over a period of time.   Many times, those unfamiliar with acupuncture expect treatment to be more like magic expecting a single treatment or two to resolve deep-rooted metabolic imbalances and chronic pain.  Actually, acupuncture is medicine and to be truly beneficial, a course of at least 5 to 6 session is recommended.  

What people say

If you are looking for a top quality, incredibly friendly and highly experienced acupuncture and/or cupping therapist, look no further than booking an appointment with Ms Gulshan Noorani. After just one session with her, she has fixed what dozens of physiotherapists, massage therapists and chiropractors have failed to fix over the past 5 years...

I've seen Gulshan for Acupuncture and she is incredibly helpful, she genuinely cares for her patients and you can tell she is very experienced. After just one session with her I noticed my eczema improved!... 

I have fibromyalgia and severe joint hyper-mobility.  I am always in constant pain and have tried everything to alleviate it.  The acupuncture with Gulshan is the only treatment that has not just alleviated the pain but made it disappear....

After being referred by the Royal Free Hospital for a mysterious pain (3 years), I was a total wreck; not sleeping, food was difficult and mood swings were impossible.  After the first treatment with Gulshan, I was a totally different person - it was like magic... 

I came to Gulshan with a pain in my neck and shoulders which was really preventing me from moving and doing my job. I was in agony!  After one session with her the pain was reduced by 60%....

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