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“An amazing experience with Gulshan at the Islington Clinic. She has been helping my body stay pain free as I train for my ultra marathons. Gulshan is passionate about helping her clients improve pain and feel better. She is incredibly knowledgeable and reassuring and I always leave feeling 100x better! I cannot recommend more!” Ele B., personal trainer (2024)
Gulshan is an amazing acupuncturist who listens to you and works hard to identify treatments that work for both mind and body. She has a deep knowledge of TCM history and practices but is also constantly learning new techniques. I've primarily been receiving treatment for issues associated with Long COVID and have made massive strides in my physical and mental health; I've also come to sessions with a variety of ailments/concerns and Gulshan always takes the time to address them. Gulshan has also provided me with tons of her insight and information about nutrition and supplements which I think has really contributed to my feeling better. Gulshan is very open about wanting to get you to a place where you are able to go longer between treatments which I really appreciate.  I would recommend Gulshan and the whole clinic to anyone in the area looking to address health issues that haven't been solved in traditional western medicine, or alongside your treatment.” Rebecca T., campaign manager (2024)
“I have been going to Islington Chiropractic Clinic for over 4 years now and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a holistic approach to health. I see Gulshan regularly for acupuncture and motor point therapy and cannot imagine my life without these treatments. The new space is great and very convenient for anyone who works in the City of London.” Erica M., software sales manager (2024)
“Gulshan is an absolute treasure! She has fixed my back pain with acupuncture!! I’ve become a regular and the consistent support has helped me immensely! Thank you so much !!” Ezra C. (2024)
“I couldn't recommend Gulshan enough. I came in with an overactive sympathetic nervous system that was causing all sorts of issues. Gulshan has worked genuine miracles at calming it down and restoring my body to a state of calm and balance. As well as being an experienced and committed practitioner, she is also a lovely, kind and spiritual human. My body, mind and soul always feel better after a session with Gulshan!” Melissa N., life coach / teacher (2024)
“I have been treated by Gulshan the acupuncturist/dietitian at the clinic since 2019. I have had very successful scalp acupuncture treatments from her, being very attentive to my needs, always making sure I am comfortable and making improvements. By applying her well learned knowledge and skills with her healing hands, every session i have had with her was a success. She is the most kind hearted, knowledgeable and experienced person i have met in this field of acupuncture. Will definitely recommend her.” Hasna) B.,  IT data specialist (2022)
Gulshan Noorani is such a wonderful person. So wise and knowledgeable and skilled. I'm so happy to have been treated by her. "
Alex P. IT designer (2020)
"Gulshan Noorani is amazing. I have very complex back problems that many other professionals haven't been able to help with. My back has been transformed under her care. She is an incredibly talented healer with a wealth of experience and super kind nature. I can't recommend her more" Alexandra, H., Company Executive (2019)
"I have been seeing Gulshan, the acupuncturist for about 3 years now. First time was a complete different experience from what I had with any acupuncturist before! She is simply the best!! Any problem absolutely any problem she will solve!! I went to see her for strong neck pain and period issues and she simply solved all of them straight away. She gives very good food and lifestyle advice, always listens, talk very honestly which is very refreshing! After every session, I leave pain free, stress free and feeling very light! I have sent her many very sceptical people and all of them have been amazing at her skills and abilities to cure! She also has a kind and positive personality and always makes every session pleasant and professional! Seeing Gulshan was a game changer for me!!! Go!!" Kelly, K., (Admin Manager, 2019)
"Gulshan works magic with her needles :) helping hugely with my pain”
Ryan F., IT (2019)
“Gulshan is very supportive, positive and very professional. I first saw her after a complex medical diagnosis and her acupuncture protocols have had a significant positive impact upon my health and emotional well-being, I cannot recommend her highly enough” Steve R., Interior designer (2019)
“Super friendly, very welcoming clinic, amazing staff and only a short walk from either Angel or Old Street station. I have regular acupuncture appointments since the beginning of July, nearly every 2 weeks. I highly recommend seeing Gulshan Noorani if you are in need of acupuncture. I had acne I struggled to live with and now my skin cleared up and I am very happy to leave the house completely makeup free. I also took my dad who is a huge non-believer and the one time with Gulshan changed his mind after the appointment hoping to book more. Reasonable prices, and you get a little discount when you refer a friend.” Szandra D., High-end department store employee (2018)
“I went in out of despair one day as I had been suffering for years from heavy and chronic seasonal migraines - it got to 3 life-ruining attacks a week! - to try acupuncture with Gulshan Noorani. My case was bad, terribly tenacious, and apparently a tough one to overcome. But she is highly knowledgeable and considerate, and instantaneously bounces off the results she sees to adopt individual, accurate new ways to tackle the problem. My issue was her concern, and I was so relieved to see that after 4 sessions and along a diet she worked out for me, the migraines were finally hugely alleviated. I'm very thankful and will certainly go back should I ever need to.” Diane D., student (2018)
"I can't recommend Gulshan highly enough. I saw Gulshan when I was suffering with an excruciating and debilitating headache after suffering a spinal puncture from the placenta removal after my son's birth.  I was unable to lift my head and felt like my eyes were going to pop out with the pressure - not ideal when your baby is 3 days old!  The hospital could only prescribe strong painkillers which I didn't want to take as I was breast-feeding.  I called Gulshan who told me she could help - and she was right. After 90 minutes of having my feet bled and acupuncture I was immediately 40% better, and improved each day thereafter so that when the hospital checked on me 3 days later I was happily able to report that the headache had gone - they were amazed and I can't thank Gulshan enough. Gulshan is a wonderful practitioner - sensitive to the patient, and knowledgeable, skilled, and passionate about the effectiveness of Chinese medicine. I am a complete convert to acupuncture and its power to heal and rebalance the body." Lizzie R., mother (2018)
"I went to see Gulshan initially for help with menopausal symptoms, particularly hot flushes and insomnia. With a combination of acupuncture and nutritional advice, Gulshan helped my symptoms ease significantly over a relatively short period of time.  I saw her again when a hip pain caused me severe discomfort.  Hobbling into Gulshan's room and she worked her miracle on me with a combination of acupuncture and massage. After just one treatment, I got up and walked out of the room with no pain and no limp. I was overjoyed!  Now I'm receiving treatment for a lower back issue.  Gulshan is using a number of different techniques, including motor point acupuncture, to help ease my pain and strengthen my back and will having 'maintenance' sessions in order to promote overall well-being and hopefully prevent problems in the future.  I have nothing but praise for Gulshan.  Not only is she the nicest person but she is extremely knowledgeable, calm and is willing to spend time getting to the root of the problem. Gulshan has a wonderful soothing manner which immediately puts you at ease and recommend Gulshan's services to anyone who has been suffering with pain or discomfort." S.O., solicitor (2018)
"I've seen Gulshan for Acupuncture and she is incredibly helpful, she genuinely cares for her patients and you can tell she is very experienced. After just one session with her I noticed my eczema improved!  My skin was less irritated and I felt much better. I can always rely on her to help me with my skin condition." Mehak A., receptionist (2018)
"If you are looking for a top quality, incredibly friendly and highly experienced acupuncture and/or cupping therapist, look no further than booking an appointment with Ms Gulshan Noorani. After just one session with her, she has fixed what dozens of physiotherapists, massage therapists and chiropractors have failed to fix over the past 5 years with my neck and shoulder pain. I don’t usually write reviews but this time I felt I had to simply because the experience was that good and the results were instant.   10/10, Gulshan THANK YOU!!!" Paul D., Stock Broker (May 2018)
“I have fibromyalgia and severe joint hypermobility.  I am always in constant pain and have tried everything to alleviate it.  The acupuncture with Gulshan is the only treatment that has not just alleviated the pain but made it disappear.  The 12 Magic Points treatment is a miracle.  After the first treatment I was able to move more freely.  I have had treatment for a year and don’t get the pain to the same level as before and the dizziness, fatigue & excruciating muscle pain is gone.  I am able to concentrate better and when I walk, I feel freer than before where I could feel every movement and every step was hard work.  I highly recommend acupuncture, the 12 Magic Points and the bloodletting."  Sarah J, artist (2017)
"After being referred by the Royal Free Hospital for a mysterious pain (3 years), I was a total wreck; not sleeping, food was difficult and mood swings were impossible.  After the first treatment with Gulshan, I was a totally different person - it was like magic.  I have been helped with my hay fever and balanced back into a human being.  I shall be back!."  Tamsin B., dental nurse (2017)
"I suffer with 2 herniated discs in my neck for the last 5 years.  I have had physio which did not work and since then have gone through trials of many painkillers and muscle relaxants.  Without these I have not been able to sleep; but the downside is that throughout the day I feel spaced out.  This is my 10th session of acupuncture with Gulshan.  After the 3rd I tried reducing the painkillers from codeine to ibuprofen if needed and found through to the next session, I did not need to take either.  The next week I reduced the muscle relaxants.  After the 5th session, I took a holiday for 10 days and during that time took a muscle relaxant only once.  After I completed another 5 sessions, I did not need either drug.  For the first time in 5 years, I am able to sleep through the night without medication and waking up without pain.  I used to have pins and needles during the day and these too have stopped after the 5th session.  Gulshan has listened and worked excellently with me." Sandra P. C.R., professional notes taker (2017)
"I have been suffering from severe neck pains since 2010.  I have attended a number of physic appointments and scans but the pain continued.  When I visited the Whittington Hospital Pain Management, they referred me for acupuncture - the best referral I have ever been given.  The acupuncture treatments made such a huge impact on my life.  The neck pain slowly began to disappear over time all thanks to the acupuncturist Gulshan.  I would definitely recommend her." Jay T., education (2017)
“I came to Gulshan with a pain in my neck and shoulders which was really preventing me from moving and doing my job. I was in agony!  After one session with her the pain was reduced by 60%!  Over the next sessions the pain went down significantly with each session, and I regained my confidence in being able to do my job comfortably.  Most of all I really appreciated the warmth and cheerfulness with which Gulshan went about treating me.  She explained clearly what she was doing and what effects I could expect from the treatment, and without drugs!  I felt very nurtured and cared for. I cannot recommend her highly enough; she was a lifesaver at a difficult time."  Natasha B., health and fitness consultant (2016)
"Gulshan recently treated me for neck pain and for a gastric problem. She reduced the neck pain dramatically by using acupuncture and resolved the gastric problem with both acupuncture and Chinese pills.  She has a cheerful and sympathetic manner and explains her methods clearly, also giving useful advice on self-help. I have no hesitation in recommending Gulshan - an expert practitioner in her field."  Claudine H., events manager (2016)
"I have been treated by Gulshan for a shoulder injury sustained at work. I found the sessions have reduced pain and greatly aided my recovery. I love the fact that treatment is tailored to my symptoms on the day and I always feel refreshed after getting a goodnight’s sleep following treatments." Louise R., ER nurse (2016)
"I had been suffering from shoulder pain for well over a year. Despite taking painkillers daily, the pain was getting progressively worse. It now extended to my neck, so simply turning my head from side-to-side was painful. Driving and parking became increasingly difficult and I could not sleep at night because moving caused a sharp pain in my neck.  I started to get headaches, and more worryingly developed tingling and numbness in my arm.  From my first acupuncture session with Gulshan, I felt an immediate improvement in my neck and shoulder pain and the tingling and numbness in my arm completely resolved. The improvement continued at each weekly acupuncture session rendering me pain-free after 5 sessions.  If only I had known how quick and effective the acupuncture treatment could be, I wouldn’t have wasted a whole year suffering with pain and sleepless nights!  I can’t thank you enough for your kindness, enthusiasm and skill in treating me, but also for your dedication, commitment & strive for my complete recovery from pain."  Dr. Denise L., consultant anaesthetist (2016)
“I first visited Gulshan in October 2014 as was recommended by a friend of a friend.  I had been suffering with viral infection for 7 years which resulted in shingles and ulcers in my mouth and over my body.  To manage this I had been on steroids for 4 years as it was the only way to manage the condition as Western medicine was unable to find the cause. Gulshan is extremely patient and empathetic.  Within the first ten minutes of meeting her I felt so relieved that someone understood my condition and how I was feeling.  Gulshan is incredibly knowledgeable and you get at least 3 practitioners in one as she is able to advice on nutrition and Chinese medicine as well as acupuncture.  She goes above and beyond to assist your healing process.  Through treatments, herbal remedy and diet I have been able to manage my symptoms and have not had to take steroids for 5 months now - which is incredible for me.  Gradually I feel I can see the light and that I am on the way to managing the infection out of my system. I had tried many different alternative therapies but my treatments with Gulshan have made a hugely positive difference to my life - she comes very highly recommended from me!”   Emma D., insight director (2015)
"After suffering an injury to the left side of the body following a road accident in December 2013 causing persistent pain, I had an MRi scan indicating a slipped disc.  Regular physiotherapy failed to resolve the issue which resulted in a surgical intervention scheduled for December 2014.  I commenced Acupuncture 123 treatment with Gulshan Noorani in November 2014 and following twice weekly treatments, I was able to cancel my operation in January 2015.  I have made a full recovery and am now able to restart strenuous physical sport in March 2015 which I believe to be down to the quality of treatment I have received.   I have no doubt that had I continued without treatment from Gulshan that I would have had several expensive and painful operations without the full recovery I am now enjoying.  I feel happy in recommending her services for similar medical conditions."    Alan M., statistical analyst (2015)
"I am sorry to have to pass on the news that my mother Aileen (age 86) passed away a week before Christmas 2014.  My mother was in top form in Ireland and loved telling people about you and acupuncture.  Without this course of acupuncture treatment, I don't think my mother would have had the belief that she could make the journey to Ireland.  Thank you Gulshan for your positivity and what you did for my mother." Steward, L., business executive (2015)
"Consulting Gulshan has been one of the best decisions I have ever made about my health and well-being.  If like me you are having trouble working out how to fit healthy eating and living into a busy lifestyle, I recommend you get in touch with her and allow yourself the benefit of her practical and sensitive advice.  My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner."    -Phil G., company executive (2014)

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