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Acupuncture for Fertility

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture is said to tap into the natural flow of the human body which allows for the promotion of self-healing. At the same time, it triggers the body’s own chemical pain relieving agents like endorphins and unblocks Qi (energy) helping it move properly and in harmony while treating metabolic imbalances.

How can acupuncture assist fertility?

Since acupuncture has been known to unblock and regulate Qi (energy) flow and to trigger the body’s own healing powers, it has been proven to actually stimulate egg production and increase blood flow to the uterus. By regulating metabolic flow, it helps alleviate stress and anxiety which are often found to be metabolic disrupters. There can be many reasons why a woman’s or man’s fertility is low (i.e. irregular menstruation, endometriosis, PCOS, pre-mature menopause or low sperm, poor sperm morphology, motility and ED), Acupuncture treatment performed on a regular basis especially at the onset, has been found to improve fertility (i.e. regular menstrual cycles, ovulation and sperm quality).

Can nutrition help?

Yes, it can. Diet is paramount for health. For example, too many greasy, fatty foods can cause dampness obstructing the flow of blood to the uterus. High intake of starchy carbohydrates can influence insulin which can disrupt the production of other hormones and increase your risk of PCOS. Eating a lot of cold uncooked raw foods can bring too much cold into the body by lodging into the uterus making conception difficult. A poor diet can also result in diminished sperm quality.

Can supplements help?

Yes, they can. A correctly prescribed cocktail of specific supplements has been found to improve the quality and production of eggs and sperm. It takes 9 weeks to produce a quality egg – this means an egg that is healthy enough to be either harvested or released into the fallopian tube during ovulation that has a better chance of being conceived. It also takes 9 weeks for the body to produce sperm. It is not only diet that affects these but also the level of toxins in our food, the plastics that food is wrapped in and our environment. Plastic water bottles produce enough BPA toxin to disrupt the embryo’s chromosomal alignment so that even pregnancy occurs, the rate of miscarriage can be high. Taking the right supplements, the best most effective brands at the correct therapeutic dosage is not just about getting pregnant but staying pregnant.

Any guarantees?

As with all medicines and therapies (even Western Medicine), there are no guarantees. However, using acupuncture, nutrition and supplements (and if needed Chinese herbal medicine) gives a person and their body a fight chance to alleviate symptoms, regulate metabolism and improve overall health with minimum side-effects while using time-honoured more natural approaches to health and well-being. This is evidenced by the increase popularity and success stories of acupuncture and nutritional therapy for fertility.

When you book a discount package of 5 or 10 follow-up treatments with me, nutritional advice is given for free and plus you get a 15% discount on supplements and other products available from a reputable on-line source.

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