Terms and Conditions of Practice

Standards of professional practice are governed by the BAcC code of conduct.  The terms and conditions described below is to ensure that you, the best possible care for you, the Client.  

My role as a Practitioner is to:

  • Offer wellness therapy that includes information and education on acupuncture, tui na, nutrition, supplement therapy and testing if required
  • Support you in conjunction with any health care professional treating you
  • Advise you that any recommended supplemental products are not a substitute for Your GP’s care for the treatment of a disease
  • Advise you that any information provided on this website or through promotional materials is intended to inform and educate and is not a substitute for health care received from your GP or health care provider
  • Advise you that any testimonial relating to any product or therapy claims are strictly the reflections of a client’s individual experience only and should not be viewed as the claims of the Practitioner

As a Practitioner, I cannot:

  • Replace the professional and prescribed care that you may receive from doctor (GP) or any other medical health care professional
  • Diagnose medical conditions aside from suggesting possible issues relating to health 
  • Prescribe or dispense any prescribed drugs

As a Client, your responsibility includes:

  • Be responsible for the loss, non-delivery or misdirection of test results or information send by post and/or electronic documents / materials carried by a third party
  • Seeking advice from your GP for any medical problems that you may have or may suspect you have or that may have been highlighted as a result of information obtained by any other means (i.e. complementary medicine), test results, printed material or websites
  • Advising your GP that you are receiving acupuncture, herbal or nutritional therapy even if you are not being treated for any health conditions
  • Fully disclosing details regarding your health status (including changes in prescribed medications, over-the-counter drugs, any other self-medicating remedies or treatments) to ensure the efficacy and safety of the nutritional therapy you are receiving from the Practitioner

PRIVACY STATEMENT:  The information you provide is held in strict confidence and will be used only to provide you with the best possible assistance.  This includes any information provided in writing or electronically.  I will not disclose, rent, sell or loan your personal information to any third party unless authorized by you in writing or if so ordered by a court of law in the UK.

APPOINTMENT CANCELLATION:   The treatment cost will be changed when notification of cancellation is receive less than 24-hours of the appointment time.

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