Consultation price:  £75 for initial treatment / £61 for followup treatments

  • Consultation takes around 60 minutes

  • Basic nutritional advice included

  • Home visits: from £150 to £180 (based on location)

  • Bulk (5 / 10 session) discount packages available

In-depth nutritional support

Whenever you pay for a 5 or 10 discount (bulk) package, you will receive an in-depth nutritional analysis and support PLUS a 15% discount is offered for recommended supplements purchased online via the Natural Dispensary website. Discounts on Food Intolerance Tests and Hair Mineral Analysis also available.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture / massage

  • £105 for each treatment (90 minutes)

  • 10 weekly treatments required for best resultsTo book an appointment or make enquiries, please contact us