The initial consultation 

The initial consultation may take about 60 minutes.  The patient is asked questions about their health, lifestyle, emotions and presenting symptoms in order to determine what is the problem and root cause according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.  An acupuncture treatment is given and together we will work on a plan of action to optimize your food regime and discuss recommended herbs and supplements (if required) that best suits your needs and budget.  If needed, further testing for such things as allergies, food sensitivities, hair mineral analysis, leaky gut etc. may be recommended. 

Follow-up consultation

  • Weekly acupuncture treatments may be required for up to 4 to 5 weeks depending on the nature of the health condition, duration and age
  • Maintenance acupuncture - every 3 weeks 
  • Facial acupuncture treatments requires weekly treatments for up to 10 weeks for more permanent results

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